Since the age of 12 years old Gilat has been performing on stages in Israel and around the world.
Gilat's career began with classical training at the Tel Aviv Conservatorium and continued in Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music branched in Boston.
Even before her arrival to the US, Gilat has been traveling across the globe performing to Jewish and Non-Jewish crowds in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Europe, Canada bringing her unique warm voice, her charisma, and her unspoken professionalism with her.

When Gilat moved to the Los Angeles, CA in 1998, her career just carried her forward- studying 4 year in Theatre of Arts Acting School, taking MI classes, and finishing her BA in Communication and Business was her priority while recording and working in the Music Business.
Gilat founded her company InJoy Productions in 2001, where all her talents came together.
While being one of the lead singers in JEWEL and singing in 10 languages, Gilat also manages the business aspect of InJoy and handles her clients directly along with her team, “I feel that the personal touch and my close involvement are crucial for my clients to feel comfortable and inevitably for their event to be very successful.”