JEWEL will blow your mind away!

Its interactive show will bring all your guests together on the dance floor and create a cultural unity of happiness for you to shine in!


InJoy Productions’ greatest pride is the jewel in its crown- JEWEL. Jewel is our special events modern, energetic and kicking live International band. Going anywhere from 6 to 15-piece band, JEWEL specializes in Jewish American and “mixed” weddings, and incorporates an energetic “built in” MC and a DJ by request.

Our basic 6-piece band includes a full rhythm section (keyboards, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar) and two vocalists. To that you add a brass section (Sax, Trumpet, Trombone), Strings (usually 1-2 violins), Percussions, and more versatile vocalists according to the specific character of the event (American, Latin, Israeli, Persian, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, and more). To this beautiful, impressive killer band we can also add experienced and specialized DJs to play with the band and in rotation to it.

With these top notch, talented, and versatile vocalists and musicians, JEWEL performs all the American repertoire of R&B, Disco, 80’s, and Top 40, but they do much more than that! We sing in 10 Languages, and perform international repertoire of Hora, Latin, Persian, Russian, Mediterranean, Israeli, Arabic, French, Italian, and more, all mixed together to fit your specific needs and your specific crowd.

Check out a partial Song List here

Our job is to read the crowd and that’s what we do best!

In order to do just that and to be perfectly prepared, Gilat Rapaport, the owner and lead singer, will sit with you and make sure you express all your wants, needs, and concerns so we know what your vision is, and how we can make it a reality. Gilat will advise, suggest songs and ideas to help you organize your thoughts into a flowing timeline that will make your night a success.
Our excessive experience has shown us the importance of going into the smallest details and making sure all corners are covered.

When picking JEWEL over all the bands out there, you will also pick the right look for you.

We will give you several options of different looks, outfits, and feel to the band, so you can rest assured you’re getting a band that will go with your character and the event’s theme.

Every event is different- Let InJoy make the difference for you!

Your event is not like all others, it is unique. All the better! Our team will cater to whatever needs you might have and create that bridge you want for all the different cultures you’ll have in your wedding. Whether it’s a Bouzouki player, a Russian singer, an Oud virtuoso, an Armenian DJ, or Scottish Bagpipes, we will station them right on your dance floor. Whether it’s a string quartet, an accordion player, a DJ that plays with the band or a band that plays with the DJ- We will make it happen for you while making sure that each and every guest feels at home.