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InJoy Productions is the home of three perfect internationally oriented bands for multi-cultural, Jewish, as well as American weddings and corporate events.

Specializing in Jewish weddings, InJoy can authentically perform all styles of music with American singers singing in English, Israeli singers singing in Hebrew, Persian singers in Farsi, and Russian singers singing in Russian! Of course, InJoy performs that American repertoire of R$B, Disco, 80’s, and Top 40, but they do much more than that! They sing in 10 Languages, perform international repertoire of  Hora, Latin, Persian, Russian, Mediterranean, Israeli, French, and more, all mixed together to fit your specific needs and your specific crowd.


InJoy was established in Los Angeles, CA in 2000 and is rapidly growing since. In March of 2013 InJoy was named one of the Best Wedding Bands in Los Angeles by CBS LA Network. (

Its founder, Gilat Rapaport, is a well acclaimed singer/performer who traveled all around the world, bringing her charisma, passion, and her beautiful voice with her. “I consider my profession of making people happy my destiny” Says Gilat, “My excessive experience has shown me the importance of going into the smallest details and making sure all corners are covered- no second chance there!”

InJoy Productions features Jewel Orchestra, JBand, and Custom Band.

Jewel Orchestra is the high-end solution for your VIP wedding or corporate event with 15 piece band that includes 4-5 singers and a DJ.

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JBand is our sassy, cool 8 piece alternative for young and hip weddings and corporate events. JBand will play Top 40 as well as a mix of what the client dreams of having in their special event!

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Custom Band is exactly what it’s called: your unique custom ensemble you construct yourself according to cultural needs, space, and of course, budget. Every wedding is different! Why should the band be the same?? Make it fit EXACTLY for YOU!

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All three ensembles will blow your mind away! Their interactive show will bring all your guests together on the dance floor and create a unity of happiness for you shine in!

Every event is different! InJoy Productions will be the cultural bridge for you and your guests to safely dance on.